This Montreal Company Made My New Life Possible

By this time, I’m certain that you’re aware of my current geolocation – I’m in Phuket, Thailand (watch my video if you have no idea why I moved here). It’s so unreal! My life is a movie, I swear. My move to the other side of the world wasn’t planned at all. I presently own a total […]

Meet My Favourite Montreal Fashion Blogger, Yulia Ivanova

I have been following Yulia Ivanova’s blog for a while now. Her minimalist and clean style had me at the very first click. If you ask me, “Irina, who is the one female blogger I NEED to follow for fashion inspiration in Montreal?” My answer would be, hands down, Yulia Ivanova (@yulia_nnova). You’ll understand why I’m crushing […]

Here’s Where Most Of My Money Goes

I need help…

The Only Thing That Actually Helped Clear My Skin

Ever since I came to Thailand, my skin has been a pure disaster. Breakouts on breakouts on breakouts. The weather here is very humid and hot, so there’s a permanent layer of pure condensation and sweat all over my face and other exposed body parts. It’s really annoying and gross.

I Tried The Most Insane Ice Cream Of Life In Thailand (VIDEO)

OMFG people! Thailand has desserts completely figured out. I’m so impressed with Thai food and… wait for it… this Sunday, my taste buds were taken to their little taste buds heaven. Not only did I taste the best ice cream of life, I’ve also witnessed a culinary show. You gotta to see this!

Everything You Need To Know About Quebec’s Sensation, Dave Leduc

Dave Leduc, also known as “The Nomad” (nicknamed after his globe-trotting lifestyle), born on December 13, 1991 is a professional Quebec muaythai and K-1 fighter. Before building a successful fighting history and establishing his reputation as a fearless opponent, Dave played high level baseball for a Montreal elite team in the United States. Feeling less passionate about the sport […]